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Positive Experience

I found my therapist easy to talk to, uderstaning, but always professional in the therapists approach. A very positive experience.

My therapist was excellent

My therapist was excellent. I didn′t believe it would work, but, it did and it was a great help to me.

PS August 2016 

Invaluable Assistance

 My therapist gave me invaluable assistance and support with my situation. Plus providing the tools necessary to deal with the future issues. Many thanks to my therapist.

JH July 2016

The service and treatment far outweighed my expectations

The service and treatment far outweighed my expectations. It has given me confidence to understand and manage my anxieties caused in childhood.

My therapist was warm, funny, understanding and patient and I really looked forward to our sessions.

I will always remember my therapist and cannot thank her enough for all that she has done for me, she is very professional. I won′t hesitate to get in touch again if I need help again in the future.

DL October 2015

My therapist was kind, understanding, symapathetic and helpful.

My therapist was kind, understanding, sympathetic and helpful and gave me some useful strategies to help me cope with my anxiety.

LT October 2015

Thank you

The therapist was a huge help for me.

Anonymous October 2015

Absolute credit to your profession

We as a family have had amazing support  from our therapist. He has done absolute wonders with us all. He has brought back our confidence. We are all very grateful. So, thank you our wonderful therapist  you are an absolute credit to your profession.

Anonymous September 2015


Changed my life

My treatment has really changed myday to day life for the better!

Anonymous September 2014

Very helpful therapy- really helped

Very helpful therapy- really helped me change things around. Very grateful to my therapist.

Anonymous August 2014

I was in a dreadful place

I was in a dreadful place. My GP and Consultant both helped, but the breakthrough came from CBT with my therapist. An understanding and experience gently pushing me in the right drection.

DA July 2014