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Katrina Hinkley alerts Jacob Rees Mogg MP to NHS underfunding for adult mental healthcare


Connect PP had a promising discussion with Jacob Rees Mogg MP, at a recent Saltford Business Network event. Katrina raised her concerns about the underfunding of adult mental healthcare within the NHS. While psychotherapy practices such as Connect PP provide a vital service within the community, Katrina believes that NHS provision should remain a priority. Mr Rees Mogg was interested to hear Katrina′s views and has asked her to get in touch to discuss the matter further.

Connect is delighted to have the opportunity to raise this important issue. Katrina has been in touch with Mr Rees Mogg and she is waiting to hear back from him.

Stop press 1st May: Katrina was pleased to receive a reply from Mr Rees Mogg. He writes that he shares her concerns, and that the Minister of State for Care and Support is announcing £400 million of funding to provide access to psychological therapies.