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Connect PP attends BABCP Workshop on Eating Disorders


In February, Dr Katrina Hinkley (pictured right of centre) attended the Workshop on Eating Disorders organised by the BABCP (British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Disorders).

In her role as Secretary of the BABCP West Committee, Katrina and the Committee welcomed Dr Glenn Waller of the University of Sheffield (pictured far left) to the workshop.

Dr Waller reminded participants that CBT is a ‘doing’ therapy rather than a ‘talking’ therapy. He emphasised that it is important to engage clients with eating disorders to begin to change their eating patterns very early on, as what we eat affects the chemical balance in our body and brain. 

This in turn affects how we feel, what we think and what we do.  If our clients with eating issues have come to us because they are dissatisfied with how things are, then we need to help them get that chemical balance back as a first step to a more satisfying life. 

Dr Waller is co-author of:

Waller G, Mountford V, Lawson R, Gray E, Cordery H & Hinrichsen H (2010) Beating Your Eating Disorder. Cambridge University Press.

Waller G, cordery H, Corstorphine E, Hinrichsen H, Lawson R, Mountford V & Russell K (2007) Cognitive-behavioral therapy for the eating disorders: A comprehensive treatment guide. Cambridge University Press.