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Are your thoughts keeping you awake?


The following article was written by Dr. Katrina Hinkley from Connect PP and published in Bath Life Magazine, May 2015.

We all know it is important to look after ourselves; to exercise and eat well. But what about our mental health? How often do we actually think about our thoughts?

Our minds are always on the go, busy doing, planning or remembering something. This is quite normal, and initially this ability to think and plan allowed for our efficient survival as a species.  Thoughts themselves are neither good nor bad, they are merely mind events.

Sometimes we can go over the same stuff again and again. This can be quite exciting when we fall in love and find ourselves thinking about the object of our affections, or if we are looking forward to an upcoming holiday, but what if our thoughts are less positive? A problem we are finding hard to solve, or a less happy memory? We can try to push thoughts away, but this can cause them to become more persistent and intrusive.

The three “A’s” of thinking; Awareness, Avoidance and Acceptance.

Finding some quiet time to sit with your thoughts or writing them down as they come to you can help you actively identify persistent thoughts.

What is it you are thinking about? Is this something you are avoiding thinking about? If so, why? Is it something you are finding difficult to deal with or find acceptance of? Or something you are having trouble finding a solution to?

Identifying the problem can make it easier to solve or can help with acceptance. But what if it isn’t so easy to define the issue? What if it is something more deeply buried? Talking to someone can help. Friends are always good, but sometimes objectivity can be more useful. A therapist can help you investigate and work through any underlying issues. They can help you gain the tools to either deal with the issue or find acceptance. 

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