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Couple Therapy

Life stresses, ongoing conflict, poor communication, difficulty in resolving differences, lack of understanding and support can all undermine a relationship. These problems can also lead to either one or both partners becoming depressed.

With this therapy, couples are helped to understand the effect of their interactions with each other, how this may contribute to depression and how these may be addressed. 

Is couple therapy the best treatment for you?

Couple therapy could be the best treatment for you if:

you are in a committed relationship, and

you and/or your partner are depressed, and

there is difficulty or unhappiness in the relationship that has either caused or is contributing to the depression, and

both partners are willing to attend therapy together and work on improving their relationship

What happens during couple therapy?

Your therapist will work with you on:

understanding the impact on each other of how you interact as a couple

relieving stress and improving communication

managing feelings and changing behaviour 

solving problems and promoting acceptance 

revising perceptions

Your therapist will not take sides, but will see each of you as having the same rights to be heard and understood.  Both of you will be expected and encouraged to take an active role in the therapy.  


Sessions are usually held weekly for an hour.

During the assessment phase both partners are seen for an individual session. All other sessions are held jointly.

If there is violence or intimidation in your relationship, the therapist may refer you elsewhere.

At the initial sessions you may be asked to complete questionnaires relating both to your current mood and also to your relationship satisfaction.

How to get couple therapy

Contact Connect to find out if couple therapy is the best option for your situation. Connect will help you find an available, conveniently located therapist in Bath or Bristol.