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Centre for Mental Health
A series of informative blogs about prominent issues surrounding mental health in today′s society.

Domestic Violence UK
Blogs offering support and information to victims of emotional and domestic abuse.

Health4work (NHS)
A number of blogs linked to mental health and lifestyle sourced by the NHS.

Mental Healthy
A blogging community consisting of experts in the field of mental health and people who have themselves experienced mental illness sharing their experience and expertise.

A forum for blogging or simply reading blogs about a number of topics related to mental health.

One in Four
Blogs related to lifestyle, health and mental well-being.

Psych Central
An assortment of blogs highlighting different topics and concerns in mental health and psychology.

A number of personal blogs detailing different peoples experience related to mental illness; a forum to share one′s own story.

The Kings Fund
A source of blogs considering a multitude of topics related to health and social care.

The Mental Elf
A series of blogs keeping you up to date with the latest mental health research, policy & guidance.

Time to Change
The place to read and comment on blogs and personal experiences surrounding mental health stigma and discrimination.

Young Minds
A selection of blogs about a variety of issues surrounding mental wellbeing specifically related to young people.